Tuesday, January 14, 2014

End of 2013

I'll probably break Christmas into a couple last posts.  Gotta keep everyone coming back for more!

We started off Christmas week at church.  Maddie and I participated in the Choir Cantata.  I, of course, accompanied and she sang in the choir.  She had a solo and did such a beautiful job!  Mike told her it almost made him start to cry!

We were at church again Christmas Eve.

Christmas Day we head back to church, but always get up a little early to open stockings.

Then it's back home for lots of fun opening our gifts!


Jake got a little overzealous with the gift wrapping this year - at least the decorating part.  He admitted he wasn't the best at actual wrapping (as evidenced below).  But his love of bows makes up for it.  Maddie and I picked up extra bows at Target the day after Christmas because for some reason we seem to have run extremely low on our supply.

Maddie thought the Three Kings needed some sprucing up...

Being that she sits on the floor when opening gifts, Maddie almost always has a "helper"...

I don't know if Mike will ever get bored of getting beer kits for gifts, but he always seems to add a new one to his lists each year.

This gift was a shot in the dark.  It wasn't on her list, but she loved Jake's super-soft blanket from last year.  She was pretty excited to get her own version!

I was pretty excited too.  Mike gave me the jean jacket that I have been wanting for at least six months!

We had a really nice morning together.  I think we were all very happy with our gifts - there weren't any returns, which might have been a first!

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