Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy 12th!

At the end of December we celebrated Jake's 12th birthday - last year before we have all teens!

He requested Caribou for his birthday breakfast.  I made him get up so he could go with me to get the free drink for his birthday.

Over our breakfast he opened his present from Mike, Maddie and me.

He was excited to get a new Viking's jersey.  His other one was barely readable.  Plus, this new one (while a far better quality) also has the name of his favorite Viking's player: Patterson #84.

Other than this stellar breakfast, Jake didn't do much for his birthday.  He hadn't been feeling great, so the entire day was spent laying in front of the t.v. watching his favorite show, "Top Gear".  As it turns out, two days later we found out he had strep throat.  Mike and I attended a wedding that I also played for, and we left early to bring home some Dairy Queen for a final celebration of the day.

A week or so later we were able to celebrate with the MN family at my parents' house after they had all the grandkids for a sleepover.  Poor Austin had missed the sleepover part because he was sick, but had gotten better by the next day - whew!

More Dairy Queen!  Our kids LOVE DQ cakes...blech.  He chose Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough this year, I believe.  He had wanted a Butterfinger, but they were out.

Hopefully he had some fun turning 12 and has a great year.  He deserves it!

On a completely unrelated note (other than it has to do with Jake...) he recently had to get a new pair of shoes.  This kid loves all things extremely bright and when I saw this pair on the shelf...I knew to prepare myself for what would soon be glowing in our mudroom:

Shopping was so much easier when they didn't have an opinion...

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