Sunday, January 26, 2014

Recuperation Time

A couple weeks ago we went sledding with my sister's family.  Maddie and Riley decided to go down a hill together.  Near the bottom they hit a bump that Maddie said was much bigger at the bottom than it looked from the top.  Riley went flying off the innertube and Mike and I saw Maddie stay on, but hit her head pretty hard on the packed snow.  Both girls seemed to be okay though afterward.

Monday morning Maddie texted us from school that she didn't feel very good.  She said she just felt weird walking around and a little nauseous.  The nurse suggested we call the doctor and after a last-minute appointment and several short tests, the doctor confirmed that Maddie had a minor concussion.

She told Maddie that to get better she needed to give her brain a complete rest.  No doing anything -especially anything involving technology.  She offered that Maddie could color or look at birds out the window.  She couldn't attend school or basically do anything that made her brain process anything.  She could listen to books (but not read them...) only if they weren't something she would have to really concentrate on to keep up with.  We set a schedule that she could return three days later for a checkup to see if things had improved.  Maddie was a little worried about missing so much school because finals were coming up the following week.  The doctor told her that the fastest way to recover was to do exactly as she was told: do nothing.

She went home and went to bed for several hours.  After dinner than night we all headed to Target to get her some coloring books.  Knowing she was supposed to keep things on a low level Jake offered her a "Dora" coloring book.

Over the next couple days Maddie kept quite a low profile.  She slept quite a bit, and colored some.  We had gotten some audio books from the library but she didn't listen to them.

Wednesday she woke up saying her throat still really hurt and she sounded funny.  Another doctor visit and we found out she had strep on top of all that.

To sidetrack some boredom issues as well as some back pain remaining from the sledding, I suggested a "bubble bath" in our whirlpool tub.  I got the water going and left her.  She came down about 15 minutes later requesting my help in an urgent voice.  I ran upstairs to find that she had thought I meant to add soap to the water to make a bubble bath.  When she had turned on the jets, it produced a completely FULL tub of bubbles.  Literally...she had already emptied out the water by the time I got up there and the bubbles were a good six inches above the edge of the tub.

So, while she didn't get any reprieve in muscle soreness or relaxation - the bubbles kept her occupied for about 15 minutes.

She was able to return to a half-day of school the following Thursday and a full day on Friday.  Today she asked to go ice-skating outside and Mike said he was half tempted to make her wear a helmet.

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