Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hitting the Links

I posted awhile back that we purchased golf clubs for the kids and that after a summer of lessons from Mike we were hoping to actually work up to a round of 9 holes before summer ended.

Last Monday we did just that. We decided to skip Water's Edge - a local par 3 golf course - and headed to Highland Golf Course in Bloomington. This was Tracy's suggestion and a good one. Water's Edge is a nice course, but it is a long 9 holes and Highland has a shorter 9 hole course that we thought would be better suited to kids.
The game went well. Everyone hit some really nice shots. Both came close to par on at least one hole, though we know they each need to work some more on putting.

Maybe we'll get out a couple more times for practice with the kids before having to put the clubs away. But all in all, I think the first summer of lessons went pretty well and I'm looking forward to more summers as we all get better.
As for Mike and I - we plan to head back out on Tuesday. Mike took the day off. The kids are off to school and we are planning to head to Caribou and out to Water's Edge for a round of golf ourselves.

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