Monday, September 14, 2009

Sale of the Century

Thursday through Saturday last week we hosted a garage sale. I had called Tracy on Tuesday and proposed it. I emailed mom and friends that evening and invited all who wanted to partake to bring things over.

Wednesday morning I got a few things I had sitting in closets ready for the sale. Wednesday afternoon Mike, Jake and I headed up to the attic where the boys pulled out boxes from past garage sales. Mike also managed to pull out some boxes and bags that had been neglected in past garage sales. He warned me he would be pulling things out for the whole garage sale to sell so I better be wearing the pants I wanted to keep.

Wednesday night I left for choir. Mike, Tracy, mom and dad laid everything out in the garage and worked on pricing. I returned at about 9pm with almost everything done. I decided THIS was the way to do a garage sale!

Thursday was the first day and it was non-stop action for most of the day. Not too many characters, but we did manage to sell some big items. We sold our treadmill, then dad headed to his house for theirs. They sold it as well. Tracy sold her baby swing.

Friday was much slower paced. At one point dad was providing entertainment for the little ones:
We did have on lady come to return something from the previous day. I just looked at her and shook my head. She shrugged and said she didn't want it and she'd paid 20 cents for it. I shrugged back and and she just left it on the table and proceeded to shop and buy another 50 cents worth of merchandise. I stuck a tag on the item and put it back on the sale table.

Saturday was dead.

We did manage to sell our sconces that have been in about three garage sales now. I told the guy that bought them that if he left his address I was sure my husband would write him a thank-you note for finally getting them out of our attic. Tracy still has some saucer thing to sell and a baby mattress. My parents still have a desk and chair.

Overall though, this two-day-notice thing might be the best idea. You are kind of forced to just go through things quickly and decide right there if it's a keeper or not.

It also helps to be gone for three-quarters of the set-up.

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