Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I think we are finally at the end of the tomato growing season. There was a frost last night and I didn't see any point to covering the plants so I'm assuming there isn't much of a harvest left to reap.

But, let's review how this first season went, shall we?

We eventually had a bumper crop. Definitely more tomatoes than the four of us non-loving tomato people could handle. I still had fun getting to pick them eventually, but after looking them over, I'm not sure what we did wrong.

Good news first: we had some really pretty ones.
Perfect shapes and really good color - at least on the bottom picture. I think we even ate these. I tended to mix them in any kind of spaghetti sauce we were making. Our family does better when you hide the veggies.

However, not all of the harvest looked so great. I think a few resembled some of the worst medical cases to solve.
I'm really not sure what happened on this one, other than it needed a sponge bath. Those are some water spots! I believe it was some type of ventricular disease. This didn't look too edible. Actually, I was chicken to cut it open because I was afraid it wouldn't be a ventricular disease, but instead some type of worms.


But things got more bizarre. We had several of these as well...

The one on the left looks like a minor case of cleft lip. The one on the right is a bit of a conjoined twin. There was actually another conjoined twin on the vine a couple days ago. It looked really bad; only one was going to make it. Half was totally green and the other half was ripening nicely.

There were these as well, but I'm not sure what to classify them as:
Severe case of inner belly buttons. Severe.

Or something else that I'll just leave to imaginations.

So, while we grew these fine specimens, and even ate some, we clearly have a lot to learn on how to grow the perfect tomatoes.

Who am I kidding? Perfect-schmerfect. I'll settle for consistently round ones next year.


stl82 said...

strange shapes happen all the time-unless you're an agri-business. It keeps life interesting.

The Pats said...

We had some that looked exactly the same - we ate some and "canned" the others. ("Canned" as in garbage can.)

Sue H said...

I must admit that "belly button" wasn't the first body part that came to my mind...

Kelley and Gary said...

You crack me up, overall for first try, I think you did VERY well!