Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pool Debris

Saturday night Mike went to put chemicals in the pool. The usual ritual for him is also cleaning out the skimmers at this time. He opened the top and said, "Whoa! Jake! You need to come and see this! I bet your mom won't want to see it though."

I asked if it was a mouse. We haven't had one yet in the pool this year (knock on wood!). I asked if it was a frog...we've had several of those this year. He shook his head to both and said it was a salamander. We've never had one of these in our pool.

Then he said to Jake, "Yikes...this thing is HUGE. I think it's a Komodo Dragon!"

I ran for the camera and yelled to Madison to come down and see this thing. She got outside and Jake said, "Maddie!! Maddie!! Come down here quick...we have a KOMODO DRAGON!!!"

It was large.

Then Mike pulled out about the 157th frog this year and we put them side by side.

Both dead as doornails.

I'm so glad cleaning out the skimmers is not part of my job description.

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