Monday, February 22, 2010

Date Night

Sunday afternoon Mike slipped me a piece of paper while we all sat around eating snacks.  It said that our friends had invited Mike and Maddie to join them at the Timberwolves game that night.  Mike nodded his head towards Jake silently telling me, "I don't know how to tell him without upsetting him."  I was pretty sure he wouldn't feel too bad if we approached it right.  So I said what Mike & Maddie's plans were and Jake looked at me.  I told him, "This means it's a date night for us.  What's our plan?"  Then I brought up bowling.  He sat up straight and it was game on.

We decided to try out the lanes at Dakotah! which is our gym.  They have a teeny-tiny 3-lane bowling alley in the basement.  It's brand-new, does not smell like smoke, was practically empty on this Sunday night and cost us a whopping $8 for two-games each.  Perfect for me. 

Jake got bumpers.  His first turn yielded a spare.  I didn't get bumpers and my first turn yielded a spare as well.  To follow that up I got two gutter balls, and started rethinking the use of bumpers for myself.

At the end of game one, I squeezed by on a narrow margin.

At the end of game two, Jake was victorious.  For those thinking his mom was being generous and partly throwing the game, think again.  Kids have to learn how to lose fairly.  So do moms.

Afterward we headed to dinner.  We had thrown out a lot of options: Culver's, Dairy Queen, McD's, even Perkins.  Jake decided on Jimmy John's. 

For dessert we dined on Dairy Queen.  Well, one of us did.  The other one got home, ate two bites, and declared he was full. 

Then we headed downstairs so he could teach me how to play Lego Star Wars on the Wii.  Sadie had other ideas and was nuts, so I just got to watch both her and him.

Mike and Maddie had a great time at the game.  Maddie couldn't remember who they played, and Mike had never heard of them, but the T-Wolves lost just the same, though it was close.  Maddie was quite chatty at bedtime (which, if you read this, comes as no surprise....)

Not the night I would have planned given the term, "date night", but one we'll definitely plan on again!

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