Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things We've Learned This Week

Sadie the little lady has been with us almost one week.  There have been trials, tribulations, a couple accidents and some whining.  But in my defense that was at 5am when I had been up and outside with her every hour since 11pm.  Here's a few things we've learned so far.

1.  We have learned how to make human barricades.  Generally we like to keep her in the kitchen on the vinyl floor.  It's already in really bad shape, so a couple accidents won't make us feel too bad and it is soooo much easier to clean than carpet. 

2.  She prefers the absolute tightest spaces to relax and take naps.  She looks like a centipede when she curls up to a take a nap; I don't think she could get in a tighter ball.

3.  Dogs really do chase their tails.  Frequently.

4.  For about 30 minutes in the morning she's nuts.  She jumps like a grasshopper all over the place.  There is either some caffeine in her kibble or she is the only one well rested from the night before.

5.  Jake is starting to warm up to her more and more each day.  He was a little apprehensive around her and I finally found out that he was nervous she was going to bite him.  However, last night was his evening to be in charge of her and he was chasing her around and playing with her and cuddling up with her.  I think we are over that fear.  And bonus:  we told him this morning he could go out after school and dig up the "remnants" from her outings and he's quite excited.  I hope this enthusiasm lasts until he leaves for college.

6.  The toy next to her is her favorite.  And now that I see the picture, I mean both toys - the braided rope and Mike.

7. Maddie and Jake are finally starting to realize there's more to raising a puppy than playing but they are doing okay. They each have been assigned certain evenings that they are completely in charge of her. They play with her, take her out and make sure no accidents happen on their watch.  All while getting their homework done.

8.  We've learned not to think about the embarrassment.  We are trying to teach her to bark to go outside or come inside.  I'm sure my neighbors are getting a kick out of seeing me in my pajamas, in Mike's jacket wearing a stocking cap and his shoes - all while I stand next to her in 20 degree weather and bark at her.  I try not to think they are at their windows with binoculars enjoying their coffee over a good laugh.



Sheri said...

She seriously couldn't be any cuter!! I would love to see you teaching her how to bark. I wish someone would have taught Brutus how to do that. He just stands there and looks at us. We're trying to teach him to ring a bell. We'll see if that works. Happy Barking. :)

Carol said...

Just hang in there, that will work, Dan can assure you of that. She is a little cutie!