Friday, February 5, 2010


We have a new look as we enter our house through the garage and it definitely says welcome now!  What we used to walk into was a big work-sink next to our washer and dryer.  Things were piled all over and miscellaneous stuff we couldn't find a place for was piled under said sink.  It was horrific.

Now?  Now we can walk in to see this:

What use to be this [BOOOO.....HISS!]

Has turned into this:

Sometimes the laundry room would get left open during my lessons and my students would get a glimpse of this mess:

Now I won't be so embarrassed if the door is left open because they will get to view this:

I learned a few things during this process.  I really did help!  I learned how to use a jig to make little rabbit holes.  I also learned that you should pay attention to someone's labeling of which end is up.  We have a little extra rabbit hole where there shouldn't be one.

All the knobs?  I learned how to put those in and make sure they are lined up.  I took this on while Mike had a meeting the other day.  I did some research online and was even able to give Mike a tip for future knob drilling: have a scrap board behind the hole so you don't cause the door to splinter. 

All the hooks?  I put those up too.  I pre-drilled.  I changed bits and they all actually line up.  I also did almost all the cabinet painting and wood staining.  I have the stained clothes to prove it.  I might even still have some paint in my hair.  Don't ask.

Mike did the all the rest (with the occasional help from Dad...thanks!)  So, he got the brunt of the yucky stuff.

We really kicked it into high starting on Tuesday.  We could see light at the end of the tunnel and our house was becoming a dumping ground so we really wanted to just get it done.  Tuesday through Thursday were some very late nights in the Murphy house.

Well, there was one other reason we got moving so fast.  The kids don't know it yet, but Mike and I are headed to Minneapolis at noon today to pick up Sadie.  We found out on Tuesday afternoon that we could get her today.  Now she has a lovely place to sleep. 

The kids think we are getting her a week from Saturday, which was the original plan.  But she'll be here ready and waiting when they get home.


The Pats said...

The laundry room looks fabulous and Sadie will love her new home and new family. What a great surprise for Jake and Maddie; do you have a box of Kleenix handy?

Carol said...

Make sure your camera is working cause I think it is definiely going to be a Kodak moment! The laundry room is awesome, you both did a great job.

Tracy said...

So awesome! Both the surprise and the laundry room!

Linda R said...

Looks wonderful. Wanna come and put one together at my house?!! Have fun with the surprise.

Jonda said...

It looks amazing! What a transformation! I can't wait to hear how the surprise goes!

Sue H said...

Wow, the laundry room looks great! It will be fun for the kids to put things away, and even more fun when the newest laundry room feature is "installed"! Can't wait to see that post.

Aunt Missy said...

Congratulations on a wonderful new laundry/mud room/dog slepping room. Can't wait to meet the newest family member.

Sheri said...

Wow Kerry, it turned out really beautiful! I love the color of the wall, and the contrast of the dark stain with the white cupboards. Very nice!! Can't wait to hear about Sadie's arrival and your first night together.

- Brittany said...

Hey way to go Kerry! Glad you took on some power tools. Your laundry/mudroom is fabulous. And what a cute puppy. Awwww.

Saw you linked in at TLC also.


Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Oh, what a dream! These look fantastic!

Little Lovables said...

turned out beautiful, I love that dark pain color as well

northern cottage said...

That is a GREAT is so gorgeous and clean and fresh now. Well done!

Creative Decor by Brooke said...

That really turned out nice. Love the cabinets and sink area too.

Traci@ Beneath My Heart said...

Oh my! Your laundry room looks amazing! I love it! We are still working on ours. It actually as been too cold to do much on it right now. Too cold for even the paint to dry! :)
Thanks for sending me a link to your post so I could check it out!