Sunday, February 7, 2010

The First Days

We picked up Sadie on Friday.  We had planned to pick her up when the kids could be with, but decided the bigger surprise would be to have her here when they got home from school.  Good decision on our part.  That goodbye was so sad to watch and the ride home - well, I wish we'd had some earplugs. 

We took her outside right away when we got home and luckily it only took a couple trips before she realized that was her new spot to do her business.

The kids got home and were so talkative.  Mike was in the kitchen with Sadie and I had asked him to wait until the front door closed so that there wouldn't be a glare on the video.  Here's where they find out:

I know...robot?  If only I could have made a robot this cute we not only would have had a dog a LOT sooner, but I think we'd have made our millions by now.

I will post more pictures as the week progresses - but right now I'm exhausted.  Quite frankly Friday and Saturday went really well with her, but today was trying to say the least.  I think we took a couple steps backwards.  So, we are resting up for tomorrow and we are figuring out our gameplan.

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