Friday, July 2, 2010

A Dog's Life

In my next life I might come back as a dog.

Specifically:  our dog.

I came in from watching Jake and a friend outside in the pool and found Maddie and Sadie taking a nap.  This is one of Sadie's current favorites for napping spots:

It was pretty cute.  Though Sadie looked like rigor mortis had set in.

And we were out at the pool (finally!) for quite a bit the last couple days.  I had gotten up to get something for the kids and came back to find this:

And she wouldn't move.  I mean it...I had to work to get my spot back.

And immediately after gaining my rightful position back, this happened:

Do you see how much room she's allowed me?  And she kept pushing me.

She did walk around a bit, but came back to reclaim a spot...

I mean...who's in charge here??  We are going to have to get a double-chaise just to accomodate Her Highness!

I have to say...she has another favorite spot that we absolutely have to chase her off of: she likes to rest on the pool floats while they are out on the cement.  We can't allow that; those nails could do some damage.  But, man...I swear she plays "dead weight" when we have to move her from those cushions!

Maddie took her inside later and I came in to do some work.  She found another of her favorite spots:

She loves this corner.  She's not allowed in the piano studio, which is where this door leads.  But she gets as close as possible to that floor without stepping over it. 

If I could have the occasional fruity drink while a dog, I'm pretty sure this would be the ultimate lifestyle.

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Sheri said...

Wow has she ever changed!! What a cutie, and I love her attitude. I have always said that I want to come back as one of my animals. Spoiled spoiled spoiled, just as life should be. :)