Saturday, July 3, 2010

Potty Talk

Today we had our nieces over for the afternoon to swim.  I would show you picture of our afternoon, but I have none.  We were in the water for the solid three hours that they were here.  There's no way I could have grabbed my camera.

Katelyn is almost 5 and Ashley almost 3.  Ashley is working on potty training.  She had an accident after arriving so right before jumping in the pool I thought we should go over how the potty thing should work.  Here's our conversation:

Me:  So, Ashley, when you have to go potty, where are you going to go?
Ashley:  In my swimsuit. [Stated with absolute conviction.]
Me:  No.  You are going to go in the potty. 
Ashley:  [Stared at me and nodded]
Me:  So, when you have to go potty, where are you going to go?
Ashley:  In the water.
Me:  No.  In the potty.  You are going to have to say, "Aunt Kerry I have to go potty!"
Ashley: [nodded]
Me:  So, what are you going to say when you have to go potty.
Ashley:  I say tinkled.
Me:  Great...let me know you have to tinkle. [and we walked to the bottom of the stairs where we dropped towels and turned to get in the water] 
Me:  One last time, Ash....where are you going to go if you have to go potty?
Ashley:  In my swimsuit.
Me:  [sigh] No.  In the potty. 
Ashley:  "Oh yeah."  [her facial expression was that of someone thumping their forehead after "getting" something]
Me:  You are going to say, "Kerry, I have to tinkle!" really loud so I can hear you.  Okay so where are you going to go potty? [thinking, please....please...please]
Ashley:  In the potty.

Hallelujah.  And she did great!  I am not exaggerating when I say she jumped in and out of the water 400+ times with me catching her.  In all that, she told me once before she actually went and we made it to the potty.  The second time she was out of the water and gave me a panic look and we raced inside but missed. 

I'm so past the potty training thing.  It was a reminder that there are some phases of raising children that you certainly don't miss.

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