Monday, July 26, 2010

Game Over

Last week was the end of baseball season here.

I thought I'd feature Mike's efforts today with coaching.

Mike was the assistant coach for Jake's baseball team this year.
This involved Excel spreadsheets.  I think all things in this house worth doing involve spreadsheets.  Spreadsheets can make a person feel in charge.

Mike was generally in charge of equipment, setting the players' positions for each game, and helping with general practice drills.

We were usually one of the first people at the ball fields.  Other players weren't too far behind.  Jake and Mike would head out to toss balls after Mike set up the equipment and Maddie and I would curl up in our camping chairs and read.

Mike said that overall he enjoyed coaching.  There were some kids who were a little more motivated than others.  There were some kids who were a little more distracted than others.  That got a little frustrating at times, but overall it was a great group of kids.

Coach Mike and Coach Bob were also fortunate to have some help from other parents during the games and during practices.  I know they both appreciated this because the first few games where they didn't have that help it was very stressful for two people to handle everything on the field and on the bench.  I know I appreciated it because Mike was going to put me in charge of the bench stuff.

At the end of each game, the coaches would talk to the boys about some great plays and some things to think about for the next game.  Then Coach Bob would have the kids turn around and thank their parents for bringing them and cheering them on.

Last Wednesday there was one final "Go Tigers" cheer at the end and the season ended.

Overall a very fun time for everyone involved.  I don't know if Mike will be able to coach again, but I know he was happy to do it this year. 

And I know this kid loved having his dad coach - and that's what mattered the most.

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