Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Sunday during breakfast, Maddie opened her gifts and was THRILLED to find an invitation to a horseback trail ride that afternoon.  I think horses have overtaken dogs in the "favorite animal" category and she's talked non-stop about riding since her first outing with her grandpa a few weeks back.

We arrived at the ranch where the woman helping us said to Jake, "Come and stand over here and let's see if you are tall enough."  I had a slight panic.  No one mentioned height requirements on the phone.  Jake looked at me wide eyed and walked over.  I've never seen a kid stand so straight in my life; his neck possibly grew an inch.  The woman chuckled and said, "You made it...with about a half-inch."

Appropriately, Jake's horse was named Shorty.

For those wanting to know, the rest of the horses were Sout (Kerry), Duchess (Maddie) and Duke (Mike).

Maddie was all chatter all day.  You would have thought she'd ridden all her life the way she was talking and explaining to Jake how it all worked.  Jake was a little leary, so I was glad when they checked his height and got him right on a horse; no time to think about anything.

The ride is about an hour long and is a very pretty ride.  I'd show more pictures, but they all were incredibly blurry and would actually hurt your head.  We rode through some woods and saw some wild turkeys (including the babies!) and a couple deer.  I bet this trail is really pretty in the fall.

Near the end of our ride we came back to the ranch and passed by this.  I thought these people were pretty fortunate to get to wake up to a view like this every morning - and they get to wake up to the smell of horse stables.  I know that sounds stupid, but I really love the smell of being around horses.

It was a very fun way to celebrate Maddie's birthday and we all had a great time.  Maddie is excited because as part of her present from her Grandma and Grandpa Smith she was invited to go with Grandpa out on another trail ride when she chooses.  She's already trying to narrow down the dates.

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The Pats said...

How fun! Kerry, you look like a real "pro" on your horse too. Maddie comes by this horse thing quite naturally the way it looks.