Monday, January 3, 2011

Frozen in Time

Before heading back from Iowa we woke up to such a beautiful sight!  Overnight everything had developed a layer of frost.  I just sat looking out Kay's window thinking how pretty it all was.  Then I got my camera and my boots and headed out to play with my new camera and lens.

Unfortunately I wasn't out when the sun was shining quite as regularly.  That happened as we drove away.

Up close, it was like hand-drawn swirls everywhere.

Kay has a huge tree in her front yard.  It still had a few leaves clinging to it.

Frozen spider webs and even the icicles had frozen snowflakes!

I think with all the snow Kay's backyard was just so peaceful and quaint.

We left a bit after I finished my photo shoot.  It was honestly one of the prettiest drives home we've ever had.  So pretty that I kept wishing we could just stop whenever I wanted to take pictures.

Mike read my mind and said as we were driving 70mph down the freeway, "I bet you wish you could stop and pull out your camera.  That is not going to happen."

So I snapped mental pictures.  They turned out awesome.

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