Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ringing In The New Year

Last night Maddie had her first New Year's babysitting gig.  Mike, Jake and I were going to celebrate low-key at home.  That changed when our neighbors invited us over for an evening of games for the adults and movie watching for the kids.  Thanks, Schroeders!

At 11:50pm we walked all the way across the street to get home and headed downstairs because we had promised Jake that he could watch the ball drop.  We counted down the seconds and at midnight whooped and hollered and I wished Jake a Happy New Year, leaned over and gave him a New Year's kiss on the cheek.  He gave me a hug, wished me Happy New Year and returned the kiss.

Over on the other end of the couch, Mike said, "Hey!  What about me?  Where's my kiss?"

Jake walked over, hugged him and pecked him on the cheek and said, " want a kiss, you have to go get her."

Mike said, "THAT'S my boy!" 

Pride shows up in the weirdest places.

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