Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Hobby

Last Saturday we finally got Jake to an archery range!  This kid was excited to finally get to use his Christmas gift!

We headed to Victoria where there is an indoor range.  Maddie and I watched Jake for awhile, then decided to head out for a quick tour of the town and hit a few of the little shops we were sure were there.  What little town doesn't have a few cute boutiques?

Victoria.  Victoria doesn't have any.  It took us literally 15 seconds to drive through town.  And we got to the end of the road and we both were perplexed.  Maddie saw a Dairy Queen up ahead and said, "Do you think we could eat a cone in 20 minutes?"

So we headed back and finished watching Jake.  They weren't terrible busy so one of the store employees was really helpful in getting him started.

He shot for 30 minutes.  Poor kid - he only has two arrows and this store didn't sell the kind he needed for his bow.  So, he'd take two shots, wait for everyone else to finish all their arrows (around 6 shots) then he'd get to go retrieve his.  Next purchase is definitely more arrows!

See those deer?  Before leaving Jake told me those would be pretty cool for him to have in the backyard this summer to shoot at.  He's already gearing up to be a hunter. least we know he has the pants!

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