Friday, January 28, 2011

Tourney Time

Last Saturday Maddie competed in her second volleyball tournament.  We split parenting duties for the first tourney.  Mike attended Maddie's event and I attended Jake's event at the same time in a different place - I'm sure it's the first of many times that will happen.

Anyway - I hadn't had the chance to actually see Maddie in action so I was looking forward to the tournament.  I had prepared Jake that it would be a long morning.  She started at 9am with one game every hour until 1pm. 

Maddie is #84.

It was fun to see what these girls have learned in the couple months since they started practicing together.

I was pretty excited to use my new zoom lens.  We can actually see her face now.

Maddie was pretty excited with how she played.  She was happy that more of her serves got over this time and thrilled that she got to play a little longer than the last time.

Really, she does pretty good at the bumping stuff though we all discuss how she needs to be a little more agressive.

Which, by the way, sounds ridiculous coming from her mom who didn't play a single sport in her formative years.

But - I can ATTACK the piano keys.

Anyway - it was a fun morning.  I wasn't feeling great so unfortunately I didn't make it through the whole thing.  But, they did win a few of their games which was very exciting to all of them!

We have about one of these per month.  Heading to practice the other night Maddie said how much she liked going to volleyball now.  She used to hate that it took away from her reading time.  But she said she doesn't mind at all now because she realizes there's more out there than just reading.

I guess this sport is teaching some life lessons as well.

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