Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fitness - Check!

At the beginning of January I came up with a plan for working out that I thought might work for me.  I know I'm a list maker, but what I love about making lists is checking things off.  I also know that when I make general "accomplish-this" kind of plans, I can't just leave it open ended or my enthusiasm just fades away.  I also like rewards and presents - I'm just never good on following through on that.

To that end...let me introduce my newest fitness regimen:

This bad boy has hung on the refrigerator for the past five weeks.  

*I can check off each day I exercised (and yes...there is a HUGE thrill in that for me).
*My overall goal was only to get through working out at least four times per week for only five weeks.
*My rewards: I get a week off and a small gift that I get to choose.

This past Thursday I accomplished my goal and I just won two bids on eBay for knitting needles.  If you are like my sister, you are rolling your eyes at the excitement of my reward.  But, I've wanted these needles for at least two or three years.  I actually won two bids so I got the other sets of needles I'd been eyeing also - all for under $20!

I think I found my system!  I'll be making up a new calendar and taking on another five weeks shortly...better start thinking of my next reward!

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