Sunday, February 26, 2012

Volleyball Season

In November Maddie started back up with her volleyball.  Actually, she had started with the Middle School in September, but November marked the start of her "season".

She's got a great group of teammates and they seem to get along really well.  They are also learning to work better as a team the more they are playing together.

They have had a LOT of playing time together.  There are normally 2-3 practices per week and we've really started up with the weekend volleyball tournaments.

Maddie's biggest accomplishment in the last couple months has been improving her serve.  She really struggled with this last year and a month or so ago it finally clicked.

We had spent quite awhile at the YMCA in their tiny little gym.  I don't know how many times she served against a wall and we'd review each serve.  Towards the end of that practice she was trying to avoid hitting all the kids entering the gym and her arm was worn out - but it definitely paid off!  Jake and I were sitting at her volleyball game the next day and she was rocking the serves!  During one of her turns up Jake finally leaned over to me and whispered, "Mom!  That's SIX serves in a row!"  We were doing a happy dance for her on the sidelines and she was SO excited when the game was over and ran up to us saying, "Did you SEE those serves!?!"

She's gotten to be a pretty strong passer and has started playing in the front row.  She still has to learn to not hold back when going after the ball and it's something she's currently working hard on.

I never thought I'd like volleyball as much as I do.  The games are exciting, fast paced (unless you are there for 5+ hours).  I'm still not a fan of the walking taco that Mike and Jake are so fond of and I have yet to distinguish between the turkey and ham this place serves on their sub sandwiches.  But I am loving watching her play and have so much fun and build her confidence!

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