Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jesus Loves Her

Wednesday is confirmation night.  I take Maddie each Wednesday and on the way she recites her memory work for that week (which she has more than likely started/finished memorizing just that afternoon).  

I don't know the exact bible verse she was memorizing, but it's a fairly common one.  It's where whomever is talking is listing out the things that God cares for and somewhere it says something like the birds don't make anything, yet God feeds and cares for them - are you not more important than these animals?

Anyway - she recited this part of her memory work and thinking I could start a little debate as to if one species is more in important to God than another I asked, "Well...are you?"

Maddie replied, "YEAH!!  God's lucky to have me!"

No debate followed.  How do you argue with that kind of confidence?

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