Thursday, February 2, 2012

Little Chef

This week we had a late dinner one night and needed something fast.  We had decided on grilled cheese.  Jake decided he was going to be the main chef.

First there was the layering of butter.  Every slice got a little thicker with that ingredient until I had to pull in the reins and inform him I didn't want a heart attack that night from clogged arteries.

I think he was a little nervous at first to attempt the sandwich flips.  His last encounter during lefse making resulted in a pretty nasty burn.  After showing him how though, he was again holding court.

Now, please notice the picture above and inspect the pictures below taken when Jake was four years old.  Notice any similarities?

Apparently mouth-wide-open is his way of concentrating.  Some things just don't change much over time!

Sadie has a spot in the kitchen.  Whenever someone is making something this how she sits.  It's a good thing she isn't a bigger dog because this little kitchen couldn't hold us all if she was!

And no, Jake wasn't about to stab the sandwiches - he was just playing around for the camera.

Not that Jake would ever ham it up for a photo...

Maddie did take charge of the soup and it was tasty.  She was in her p.j's though and declined pictures.

15 minutes later, dinner was served!

According to Maddie, Jake makes a delicious Mac & Cheese.  He has Chicken Salad down too.  One more culinary delight has been added to his repertoire. Four more recipes to learn and Mike and I will never have to cook again!

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Sheri said...

I think it's time for Brutus to come over and play with Sadie. ;)