Friday, March 16, 2012

Babysitting Photo Shoot

On Monday the Runchey girls came over to stay with me while Tracy went to Jake's class to be the "Scientist for the Day".  (Incidentally, Jake got home and said, "Tracy was the bomb!" - so THANKS, TRACY!)

The girls and I packed a lot into our time together.  We had a scavenger hunt outside in my neighborhood and we made chocolate chip cookies (though they have requested that we make shape cookies next time...).

In the last little bit I think they were getting bored.  Ellie said, "I think you should take some pictures of us."


They were the directors.

"First let's take a silly picture."

"Next, we'll take a pretty picture, okay, Riley?"

"Um...Ellie, that was cute, but you moved.  Don't move."
"Okay - let's do another pretty picture.  Smile, Riley."

"That was a nice smile!  But now, Ellie, don't close your eyes."
"Yeah, Ewwie...don't close your eyes."

"Okay, now just take a picture of me, Aunt Kerry."

"Now take a picture of me too, Aunt Kerry!"

"Okay - but now you should take a picture of me.  But NO RILEY in it!"

"That's nice, Ellie.  But you aren't really smiling."
"Let me see...I am too!"
"Hardly.  Let's try again..."

"See, Aunt Kerry...I am smiling..."


"Okay...Riley, come back here.  I think we should do a sad picture."
"Yeah!  We should do a sad picture!"

"Now we are going to do our spoooooky picture!"

Then the doorbell rang and their mom had returned and all picture taking directorials were forgotten.

I think next time we'll work on defining "spooky".

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