Monday, March 26, 2012

On the Mend

Last Wednesday we got a call from the school nurse informing us Maddie had burned her arm in Home Ec class.  The nurse told us it didn't require a doctor, but she was going to be pretty sore.  One day before the end of this class for the year...

It was a pretty bad burn.  She didn't want me taking a picture of it.  At 2am she woke us up with tears saying that her arm was in a lot of pain.  The blister had popped and Mike (who is our resident first-aid guy) bandaged her up and she was able to sleep through the night.

The bandage stayed on through the next day of school.  She wore a long sleeved shirt to keep from answering questions all day.

She also had her final volleyball tournament this past Saturday.  I think she was a little nervous about her arm when we were at the Y that morning warming up.  She dove for the ball and the skin on her arm pulled tight.  Mike made sure to bandage her arm up extra for the games and she didn't have any problems.  Now we are just dealing with the forming scab.

In related news - our ever impressive tree has been placed under Mike's care as well:

He noticed the other day that some bird was eating away the inside of the tree where the bark has split from all the trauma it's undergone the last couple years.  Mike chased the bird away a couple times and then applied this "bandage" to hopefully keep it away for good.

I teased Mike if his mom (a former nurse) had taught him all he knew about bandaging up people - and things.  He said, "No...I learned it in the military.  So, if you ever have a gaping wound in your stomach, I'll be able to bandage you right up."

Good to know.

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