Monday, March 19, 2012

Such a Girl

This past weekend Mike and I were invited to a birthday party where the invite said, "Dress to Impress".  Another friend had been trying to figure out exactly what that meant when she was talking to the husband throwing the party.  He started with, "Well, I've lost a bit of weight, so I have to take my tuxedo to the tailor..."

She said she was waiting for the punchline but it never came.  While I knew Mike wasn't going to wear a tux, I did figure I could at least get a new dress.  After an afternoon of shopping where Mike was second opinion, I found one that was so fun!

It also meant that I had to buy new shoes!  My mom and sister suggested getting a silver/pewter pair and Tracy said they should have a little peep toe.  I know next to nothing about fashion so I took their advice and went shopping.

At the fourth and final store (DSW...why don't I ever go there first??) I found several pair that would fit the bill.  After 3-4 texts with Tracy, an email to my mom, and some serious deliberation, I walked out with a pair of shoes unlike anything I've ever purchased...

When Maddie got home I pulled them out of the box and she was SO excited and immediately asked to try them on.

This girl LOVES shoes.  She loves high heels.  The higher the better in her opinion.  I was pretty sure she'd think they were awesome.

Then I put them on and she said, "Whoa!  You are TALL."  This was what I had been nervous about - I didn't want to be an amazon woman.

But the shoes sparkled and matched perfectly with the dress.  After getting ready and showing everyone the black shoes I had (which are really fun too...) and these it was hands down that these stayed.  Even my dad and Mike threw in their opinions so these must have been the ones!

I love getting dressed up.  I don't want to wear this stuff everyday, but once in awhile is so fun!  I know many will be shocked to hear that I got new jewelry to go with it which I LOVED.

Sadly, no one was left at home to get a picture for us. When I got downstairs I pointed to my outfit and told Mike, "THIS needs to happen again."  He promised to take me out somewhere to make that happen at some point.  Hopefully someone will be around to capture us on film!

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