Monday, April 23, 2012

Beginning to Build

This past weekend Mike started laying the groundwork for our cabinets.  We finally managed to open all the boxes.  There were only a few scratches/bangs but there was one cabinet that was very smashed and needed to be replaced.  Thank goodness the manufacturer was easy to work with on that!

To begin installation, we needed a new tool.  Enter: the level.  The GREATEST level ever.

I have heard no less than 20 times how awesome this level is.  Simply amazing.

It also works great - every line is very level.  However, our basement floor isn't.  In the span of 14 feet our floor drops one inch.  This required some serious thought process as to how to proceed.

By Sunday Mike had things figured out and he started working on the craft area.  Unfortunately for him the crushed cabinet was in the bar area and will take three weeks to arrive.  To not waste time he's starting with my area.

By the way - here's a little peek of our cabinet choice: Birch with a Dakota stain (I think that's the only stain available for it, honestly).

Side note:  my camera takes pictures in black and white!

I should really read that manual some more!

By Sunday night the first big (BIG!) cabinet was installed...and level.

Only about 45 more cabinets to get set up.

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