Sunday, April 29, 2012


As I've mentioned before on this blog - Maddie has had an ongoing project all year in English class.  She picked "Ghosts" as her subject, but it really turned more into "Paranormal Activity" as the year (and her research) progressed.

About a month or so ago, the paper was turned in.  Whew!  Did she feel good about that and she received her paper back a couple weeks ago.  I guess her teacher does a little happy dance for everyone when she's able to hand them back their paper - it's a lot of work!  I'm sure the happy dance is also for the teacher...that's a lot of papers to grade and I bet she's just as thrilled to get them out of her stack of "to-do's".

The next leg of the project was to present a minimum 10 minute speech on your topic.  A student can't just read their paper.  She had to put together a Power Point presentation and had to include a couple different visual aides.  She's using a couple film trailers from different ghost movies for one part of her presentation, but she was really stuck on a second type.  I mean...there was very little chance she could bring in a real ghost.

(I did suggest purchasing a Ouija Board for this, but she informed me she had learned through her research that these are far too dangerous!)

A couple weeks ago Maddie decided she would bring in ghost cookies.  To tie them into her speech she is going to have the kids take a poll at the end and those that believe in ghosts will get a "happy" ghost and those that don't believe will get a "sad" ghost.

She and I spent the afternoon making cookies.  We had to double the recipe to get what she needed, but it also meant we had a ton of extra cookies.  We were so exhausted after just baking them that we couldn't stand the thought of making frosting so we headed to the grocery store and bought some.  Best $3.00 I've ever spent.

When looking through our cookie cutters - we only found a foot shape.  As it turns out, an upside-down foot has a very close resemblance to a ghost!

Her speech is approximately 25 minutes.  After second hour Monday morning, there is going to be one very happy girl in this family!

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Sheri said...

Those little ghosties are so cute, and it was probably some pretty great mom and daughter time too. I would love to be a fly on the wall to hear her report! Go Maddie!