Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Quiet Easter

Last weekend for Easter, as usual, we were up early for church.  Miraculously, we were ready with even a few minutes to spare!  This is probably the first time that has ever happened on a holiday.  I can't guarantee it will ever happen again.

Maddie and I each got new dresses this year.  Maddie got a little strapless dress with a tiered bottom.  She loved it, but Grandma Smith had to take in the top a little.  Thank goodness she can do anything with a sewing machine!  I know it always makes mom nervous when we ask her to help (she's always afraid she'll ruin it, though it never even crosses my mind that she could), but Maddie really wanted to wear this dress - so thanks, Mom!

Mike and Jake both opted not to get new ties.  No fun.

This year for Easter we decided to just stay home after church.  Like a lot of families, we have a ton of running around most weekends and the idea of just staying home with nothing on the agenda sounded so very appealing!

We decided to forgo the "traditional" Easter dinner and instead had burgers...with an Easter twist.

You may notice there is a little bunny silhouette on each of the plates.  On each shape I wrote "Hoppy Easter!"

During dinner, Jake looked at his shape and said, "Mom, these are cute, but you didn't spell 'Happy' right."

Maddie looked at him and slightly rolled her eyes.  "'s supposed to be like that.  You know 'Hoppy' instead of 'Happy'...hoppy like a bunny?"

He still didn't get it, so I explained what a play-on-words was and how that related to this word.

Mike said, "Huh...I thought you spelled 'Happy' wrong too."

Maddie might have rolled her eyes again.  "I got it, mom.  They were cute."

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