Wednesday, February 27, 2013


This past weekend Maddie was involved in Shakopee's Jr. High production of "Pirates of Penzance".  She played one of the pirate parts and has been practicing after school for weeks.  She's been dancing and singing around the house for only slightly less time.

We went to Saturday night's performance with my sister and parents.  Maddie had been telling me for two weeks where we were supposed to sit.  The day of the concert she even drew a map of the auditorium so that we knew exactly where we were supposed to go.

There was a lot of work involved here and the kids were very impressive!

One of her best friends was in the show as well.  On Saturday while I drove them there, they were both lamenting that there were only two shows and that they would soon be done.  I suppose it's a lot of work and then it suddenly seems like it's over in a couple seconds.

I'd never seen "Pirates of Penzance" and it's a cute story.  I wouldn't mind seeing the whole version someday when it comes to town.

Maddie originally tried out for one of the daughter parts, but in the end said she was so happy to have gotten a pirate part.

She had a great experience and says she'll probably try out for whatever comes along next year.  If it's a great show, then she'll try for the cast, otherwise she said she would like to try for one of the student directors or something like that.

Big theatrical plans!

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