Friday, February 1, 2013

On Our Bookshelf

You may remember last Christmas when a new author was introduced to our household.  We received a book written by my mom about stories surrounding the playhouse she had as a girl.  I was so happy to receive these little stories from her childhood!

This past Christmas we were given a new book:

Each family received a book.  As we were opening them, she explained the story behind the book.  There are many times when we will be discussing something and mom will suddenly come up with a new topic...completely random from what we were discussing.  It throws us all off for a few seconds, and we generally tease her for her complete randomness.

She decided that for a few months she would write down every random thought she had and present the compilation to us as a Christmas present.

Actually, there are a lot of golden nuggets of wisdom in here - as in real, honest to goodness advice.

Then there is the random thought thrown in to keep everything in balance...

It must have really been miserable for her all those years while driving down the freeway and my dad would have a little phlegm problem.  Down the window would roll, dad would quickly hock a loogie, the window would roll back up, and life would continue on as normal. I think though that the three of us in back were more in awe that the car never needed to be washed after those episodes.

But even with all those family memories - I don't think any of were surprised to see #2 on this page...

He actually is.  It's scary that you can actually see the wheels in his head start to turn when presented with a problem or outrageous contraption that possibly needs to be invented.

Some "random thoughts" should be taken as outright warnings...

This one is so completely true.  We knew growing up to NEVER go to mom if we were bleeding.  Ever.  Paper cuts included.  Also, do not see her if you are going to be throwing up.  She'll ask how you are from the other side of the door, but don't expect her to hold your hand through the ordeal.  Barf and blood?  Go find dad.

(It will be much like the stories my kids relate of  me running into the other room while they are brushing their teeth and simultaneously spitting or talking or looking anywhere but at the mirror.  Makes me queasy thinking of it all...)

There are some other gems in there.  I wish I could post the whole book.  It's a fun addition to our shelves and I can't wait for the next installment.  *wink, wink*


The Pats said...

Another Carolism is when she announces she shuts her eyes when she goes through tunnels. She announced this to her "buds" as she was driving through the Lowry Hill tunnel. We pleaded that she please keep them open this time.

Sheri said...

I love your parents so much. They really are two of the kindest and most generous people I have ever met. I must say that I was very proud of your Mom concerning the whole "blood" thing. She was at my house for coffee one morning, and just as she was telling me that she couldn't stand the site of blood, one of the boys hit the other one and blood shot across the wall from their nose. Talk about timing. Amazingly, she didn't pass out, throw up or leave. :)