Monday, February 18, 2013

The Music Man

This year Jake started band and has been working on his percussion instruments since last summer.  This past Saturday was his first band concert.

He was SO excited to play in this district-wide concert.  I bet we have heard about it every week for the past month at least!  At one point he even pulled his favorite piece up on YouTube for us to listen to.  He prefaced it with not knowing if he should or if it should be a surprise but he "just wanted everyone to hear how awesome it is!"

I'm so excited to see his enthusiasm for band.  It was something unexpected but I'm just loving hearing him talk about how things are going and I love when he tells us how much he loves playing percussion.

(And please note: He doesn't play drums.  He's not a drummer.  He's a percussionist...he plays percussion.  We had that drilled into us early on.)

Sorry about the quality of these pictures.  They are taken from halfway across a gymnasium and cropped way too much so I could get rid of some of the other faces.

Here's a video of his favorite piece: "Magma".  You may not want to watch it if you are prone to motion sickness.  The only way we could record sound was if we recorded a picture too.  Mike says he will be impressed if anyone can actually spot Jake in this.

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