Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Our day began with a special treat for all of us: Valentine Donut Breakfast! 

Let me just say - half the stock was already gone at 6:15am at the Donut Connection.  Clearly I wasn't the only one with this brilliant plan today.

There is a little celebration going on during Jake's class today.  Not sure that we could top last year's Valentine hit we tried our best in the Internet search for someone else's creative idea.  We found it:

These were super easy to create (again - thank you, Internet!) and I was only too happy to realize that bamboo skewer sticks could be cut down easily and hot glued to the back of the mustache.  Better yet?  We had everything we needed and these were free!!  Even better - we aren't left with a half-bag of candy tempting Mike and I all day!

Mike and Jake gave the mustaches a test-run for me...and for you.

Maddie's school has dress-up days all week.  Today was formal day:

She pulled out the Christmas dress that also required her jewelry.  It started out at 30 degrees today.  It's supposed to get colder.  Luckily Mike is picking her up so it's only a short walk to the car once the temps drop!

If he's still sporting the mustache, I hope she recognizes him!

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