Sunday, June 22, 2008

22 makes 12

June 22nd - that marked our 12 year anniversary!

We didn't really celebrate in grand style - actually Mike worked all day. But, after the kids were in bed we grabbed our best bottle of wine, some crackers and leftover deli cheese and even some brownies and had a little toast to us. I guess after 12 years we've learned that a celebration doesn't have to be monumental to be special.

12 years ago we took off for our honeymoon in Estes Park, CO. It was a really great week and this picture was taken on our last night right behind the condo we were staying in:

Mike had carved our initials in a tree across from this rock. He even managed to put a heart around it. We said we would get back there someday to see if the tree and our initials were still there. We haven't managed to make it back yet, but plan on there being lots of time. Maybe we'll even be able to take the kids with us and show them the tree. Between the tree, us, and the kids, it would be cool to see how much we've grown in all the years.

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