Monday, June 16, 2008

Exercise Shmexercise!

I was about ready to throw in the towel yesterday on exercising! We joined a gym awhile back and one of the reasons I was actually looking forward to it (loosely used here...) is because they offered classes. I know me - it's taken us having to pay money for me to even get off my butt to get this exercise stuff accomplished. So, I know that I would not be the candidate that willingly goes to the free weights and just does whatever people do there. One, I don't understand muscles and movements and I really have no desire/interest to learn about them. Two, going over there would voluntarily add time to my workout. I'm happy to go and walk for 25 minutes on a treadmill. I'll even set up for different inclines - but to do two things in the same day? I think it's happened twice. On the rare occasion where Mike and I can go together I love it because he makes me do the right exercises. I think we've been able to do that a maximum of three times.

So, I love the classes and I found one for each day that I can workout during the week that fits great with my schedule. So, I was off to the gym yesterday and knew it was going to be challenging. A lot of the moves require you to sit on one of those exercise balls. Keep in mind those are round. They roll.

I got to class, said a prayer that I would not make a fool of myself, rolled my eyes because, of course I would - and got to work. Before the warm-up was even finished my legs were ready to give out. (I've slacked a bit the last couple weeks in going to this particular class and it was obvious by minute 3.) But I stuck to it and then we were at the ball part.

I think I hate those balls. I'd barely be adjusted to where I'm supposed to be sitting/laying/reclining - or at least where I thought I was supposed to be and the class would already be doing the exercise. At one point we were laying on our back, rolling the ball back and forth with our feet and our rear was in the air - my ball managed to go left and right. Rarely did it go back and forth. At another point it was time to do push-ups - with your feet on the ball. Out of the 20 the class did - I think I managed 4. I was just trying to make the ball stay in one place so I could actually do a push-up. Then we had to do these quasi-sit-ups, but had to lean with our sides on the balls to do them. I rolled right off the ball on that one. Not once - at least twice.

But I managed to work my way through it and gave myself a pat on the back. I know I'll get better once I figure out how to make these "stability balls" stable. But here's where the universe just humbles you when you start to get too cocky. As I was walking out I felt a little something pulling on my rear end - why I didn't notice it before, I cannot tell you. When I looked in the mirror I noticed this really weird bumpy area, followed by this smooth, large, rectangle under my shorts. It looked like I had my cell phone stored in my back pocket - exept I had no pockets. That's when I realized I'd just spent the last hour bending over, squatting, and walking around with the tags still stuck inside my pants.

I guess it wasn't just my lack of athletic prowess that made the lady next to me giggle.

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