Saturday, June 7, 2008

Quick Trip

Wednesday school ended and Maddie was home at 3:20 - by 4:00pm we were all packed in the car and headed to Iowa to visit Mike's family. We had realized on Monday night that Thursday and Friday were the only two consecutive days in June that we had nothing happening. July was already pretty packed and we really wanted to get down there to visit. So, this last minute trip was planned fairly quickly. We are seasoned pros on this trip though so there wasn't much packing time involved - just a phone call to see if anyone down there was available for us to visit. Luckily they had some openings in their schedules too.

Maddie and Jake were pretty excited to see their cousins. They wanted to head over to the other Murphy house at 10:30pm when we arrived. We held off, though Maddie did get to talk to her cousin, Samantha. Because of snow day make-ups for the Iowa Murphy's they still had to go to school through Friday. For the Minnesota Murphy kids that meant more time with Grandma and her favorite pooch - Ginger.

Thursday night was a glimpse of Pat & Missy's summer schedule. Steven plays baseball, Samantha plays softball and Aaron plays baseball as well. We spent Thursday night traveling between their second homes: ball fields. Samantha had a softball game and Steven had a double-header. Luckily they were fairly close to each other. This is Samantha's first year as a softball player - she did well - had a great bunt to get to first. Unfortunately her team lost, but not because of a lack of cheering from their fans.
We attended the second of Steven's first two games. I guess his coach didn't get the memo that we could only attend Steven's second game - Steven ended up playing in the first game and we didn't get to see him play.

The other Murphy's were out of school early on Friday which left time for us to get Whitey's ice cream. If you are ever in Davenport don't miss out on this ice cream parlor. It's the best. It's also Mike's alma mater for work while in high school. And because he was making fun of me earlier tonight I'm going to give you a treat and see him in all his high school glory working at the local ice cream shop:

Nice Hat!!!

Friday at 4:00pm we were waving goodbye and heading back up to Minnesota.


Samantha said...

hey kerry that's a great picture of me up to bat.
Wow i didn't even know that you were taking a picture of me.

Samantha said...

hey i like the picture of uncle michael when he worked at whitesy's. My dad laughed at him.