Friday, June 27, 2008

Easy Rider

My parents have made a new purchase...they got a Honda Goldwing!

Last week they frightened my brother for two days when my dad called to tell him he was buying a motorcycle, but wasn't planning on telling mom about it, it was just going to be a surprise. Dan was frightened for their marriage, of course, and tried to find out if Dad was having a mid-life crisis or what was going on. The next day my mom called and asked some questions about a mysterious phone message from some bike place. Dan was completely flustered and blurted out that he didn't know anything. Mom said if she hadn't known about the bike, that his response would have been a dead give-away, but she had known about it all along. They decided to have some fun with their purchase. Dad proceeded to call me the next day and put me through the ringer a bit, but I don't think it was nearly as much as Dan.

But, basically, driving down the freeway one day my mom commented to my dad when they saw one that it looked fun and comfortable. In a nutshell my dad ended up turning around, walking into the driver's place and taking his permit test for a motorcycle, passing, and they drove out to Delano (like an hour away!) and bought a bike. The next day my dad called every place he could find and was able to get into a class to receive his license. He's been in the class all week, got his license yesterday and they went and picked up the bike this morning. Actually - none of us thought he was going to be able to get it because it was raining. I guess God smiled down on Dad's bit of excitment and offered up a parting of the clouds. They were able to get out and get the bike. They stopped by to show it to us. Maddie, Jake and I (as well as little Ashley) had seen it when they were filling out the paperwork. But, it was sure fun to see dad actually on it and getting to tool around.

And when I asked him if he was having fun and liked it he had a big grin and said, "yeah...I am". This may not seem like much excitement to most people, but coming from my dad - it's the equivalent of how most people would react if they won $200 million in the lottery.

So hats - er, helmets - off to Dad's lottery fun!

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