Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Basement Update

We've had a lot of family and friends ask us how our basement has been going. Slowly but surely we are making progress. The last few weekends has been devoted to sheetrocking. I mean devoted. This past Sunday Mike and I pushed to finish the last remaining rooms - awful. They were the bathroom, and under the stairs. These tiny rooms alone took as much time as the bigger areas - and frustrating!!! I know I personally cut one piece three times before it was right. First it was drawn backwards (not my drawing!) then it was redrawn upside down (definitely my drawing) then I finally was able to draw it correctly but only after laying in the opening with a piece of scrap sheetrock held up and drawn looking directly at it. It was as confusing as it sounds.

Sunday night before heading to my parents' for dinner I lamented that we hadn't totally finished - we had literally two strips to cut and we would have been done. Whining helped and Mike and I cut these really quickly and did finish. According to Mike we aren't done sheetrocking because there is a large pile of scrap pieces in the middle of the room. Then there are usable pieces all around the rooms - anyone need any sheetrock?

However, according to me, sheetrocking can be checked off the list - it's on the walls. The rest is filed under "clean-up" on my list - and we all know how good I am at that!
This is the view from the stairs to our fireplace - the big wall holes will be surrounding the t.v. that seems to get bigger and bigger with each discussion.

This is the view from my soon to be craft area towards Mike's bar. The doorway-looking thing on the right will be where all the AV equipment (and I'm sure I'm naming it incorrectly) will be stored.
So - on to the next step. After cleaning...bleck...will be taping/mudding. Then maybe - FINALLY - we'll get to start looking at colors!

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