Wednesday, February 25, 2009

10 Random Happiness Things

Today as I was running around doing errands I couldn't help but think about what a gorgeous day it was and how that made me happy. Then I started to think of other random things that make me happy...

1. Being able to wear high heels that show my painted toenails - and they aren't getting frostbitten (my toes, not the heels).
2. Being extremely busy. Not always a good thing, but a nice reminder once in awhile that I do do other things than sit around for six hours per day waiting for my kids to get home.
3. Accompanying instrumentalists and choirs. This week I've been working with Chaska's choir program for a concert on Thursday night. They have a great choir, so if you are interested in a good program, drive out to Chaska High School at 7pm on Thursday night.
4. I just heard that there's a chance of a lot of snow tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I love this time of year with these "last minute snow storms" and winter trying it's hardest to stay around. It is absolutely against every bone in Mike's body to accept snow after February, but these little possible storms make me happy.
5. Finding a can of pop in the fridge that I thought we had run out of. Now we officially have run out.
6. Getting dressed up. Most people tell me I'm usually dressed up, but that's just because I wear jewelry. Today I'm actually wearing a dress...and heels. Two church services today, and nice weather warranted that possibility.
7. When my kids don't have any homework on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. I just feel like Mike finally gets a break!
8. Being able to blast the music in the house because no one's home. Yes Stacey...occasionally that means that Josh Groban can be heard next door. Classical music can be blasted too. Though today it was Harry Connick.
9. Watching "Friends" reruns most nights from 10-11pm. Who needs news programs?
10. And hello???? Special delivery on Friday!!!!!!!!

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Missy said...

Sounds like you are really excited about Friday!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day Friday don't play to much.