Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Window Shopping

On Sunday we enjoyed a nice breakfast at Perkins after church and Mike asked if I wanted to go look at pianos. It's another way for us to torture our children - take them to the music store and have them sit quietly while we discuss the different Steinways they have available. We try to do this at least every six months just to annoy them.

So, off we went. Our "reason" this time was much like the last four years of visits - "their best sale yet". We are suckers.

So, the kids brought in books and parked it in one of the piano rooms. Soon they discovered the modern player piano and were fascinated. I had moved over to the "Steinway Room" (seriously...it's the name of this room) and proceeded to drool. Soon Maddie and Jake were joining us and getting to have a little go at the different pianos.
There was a beautiful 7-foot Steinway that really was a nice deal and played great, and then there was a 9-foot Steinway that about made me want to giggle the entire time I played it. Ridiculously beautiful sound. It happened to be signed by Henry Steinway (who passed away this past year) and a woman named Melissa Manchester. Mike joked with Phil (my sales contact for the past four years) that if Harry Connick, Jr. had been the one to sign it, then he would have bought it on the spot. Another sales rep popped in and said, "I can get Harry Connick to sign it. I'm serious...I think I could. If you buy it, I'll do everything I can."

So, we shook Phil's hand and left. And whenever we leave my heart literally sinks a little and I think, "I wonder what it will be like one day to have a Steinway delivered to my house..."

I don't know...I'll tell you on February 27th....when it's DELIVERED TO OUR HOUSE!!!!!!

Aaaaughhh!!!!! I have literally been on pins and needles since Sunday night. Mike and I talked about our options all Sunday afternoon. He thought we should look at the 7-foot grand because it was an excellent "deal" and a beautiful instrument. The problem was, I had played the 9-foot and absolutely fallen in love with it. Even Mike had heard the difference and admitted it was pretty incredible in sound.

So, my parents graciously agreed to babysit the kids (only so much torture in one day) and we headed back for another couple hours. I played back and forth between both instruments for at least 30 minutes. I'd play a song on the 7-foot, then move the bench over to the 9-foot, then move it back and repeat the process all over again. Phil came in when we were finished and Mike said, "We'll take the 9-foot."

And then I got a little teary.

So, we did paperwork and Mike kept saying, "Don't get excited yet...." I thought I was going to start to hyperventilate. The VP of Schmitt happened to be there and came over to congratulate us on this amazing piano and told us the story of how he happened to purchase that instrument. I'll give those details another time.

Then Phil told us the paper work was completed, Mike said, "NOW you can get excited," and I yelled, "HOLY CRAP!" and then I started to cry. I'm not even sure I could put into words how much this means to me. I'm not exaggerating when I say I've wanted this piano since I was a little girl. I wanted a Steinway - 9-foot Steinway. In fact, before we even got married I told Mike I was going to get this piano some day and it was going to be costly, but he needed to be prepared for it. When we moved into our house, I said I would probably be able to be happy with a 7-foot...it was my offer of a compromise. A couple years ago on one of these window shopping trips we came seriously close to purchasing a 7-foot. It just didn't feel right at the time though. Now I know why.

Anyway - none of the salesmen there laughed at my tears. Phil even said, "I know...this is a life changing moment," and that it was his favorite part of his job.

This afternoon Phil called to tell us everything was a done deal in terms of paperwork and that we can expect it's delivery next week.

So, I'll just say it again. HOLY CRAP!

And, thank you, Mike! Seriously, ladies...reason #1,589 why I so have the best husband. Sorry!


Anonymous said...

Yay you! I expect a "playing" party where we all get to sit around and listen to you tickle those lovely new keys. -SS

Sue H said...

Holy Crap, Kerry, you made me cry! I'm so excited for you, and all those who get to hear you play. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Kerry (Mike too)! This is dream come true that will last a lifetime and you'll make those keys dance beautifully. Contrats!

Pat A.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kerry! Your mom told me years ago that that was a dream of yours and now it has come true.
Linda Rasmussen