Monday, February 9, 2009

Jake's Turn

So, last Saturday was Jake's turn to cook us dinner. First I asked what he was serving - he informed us it would be a surprise. I informed him I had to go grocery shopping so I needed to be "in the know".

He said he wanted Hot dogs...and bacon. I actually entertained the thought of a recipe I have that twists croissants and bacon around a hot dog, but we nixed it. Then he said he really wanted to make hamburgers on the grill. I said that sounded like a good idea and to butter dad up to help him. Then Jake added, "great! And we'll have sausage too!" Mike didn't want to turn on the grill yet so that was vetoed. We went back to his original idea of scrambled eggs, sausage and buttered toast. For dessert we were going to have Dairy Queen sundaes because they were cheap.

The mad scientist steps up to his laboratory....

Jake was VERY excited to crack the eggs. He did a good job too - everything stayed in the bowl.

Mike and I helped him keep everything on time. This may not have been the safest way to be working around the stove:

Jake getting to take over the range on his own...

And his final creation set out for everyone to enjoy.

It was a delicious meal. I don't really care for scrambled eggs too much so this may have been Jake's revenge for all the veggies I force feed on him. But, Jake and I loaded them with ketchup, Maddie and Mike loaded theirs with syrup. My mom silently ate hers au natural and hoped to keep it all down after watching us create these concoctions.

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