Monday, February 16, 2009

Dinner - Round 3

Saturday night was Madison's turn for the meal. It also happened to be Valentine's Day and she wanted to come up with something special for that day.

So, she brainstormed on the "red" idea. Spaghetti was her choice. With it she wanted bread. Originally we were going to try cutting the french bread into heart shaped pieces, but that proved difficult. In the end she opted to "tie-dye" the butter (as she put it) and turned it pink for the bread.

She cooked most of the meal herself. The hardest part, I think, was trying to help her hold the wooden spoon the right way and show her how to cut with a knife in the most efficient and safest manner for her. She's left handed and I'm right handed. There was a lot of trial and error on both our parts, but I think we are figuring things out for her. We definitely have a "right-handed" kitchen though!

We tried to tell her a "watched pot never boils..."

Checking for "al dente"

For dessert we picked names from a jar and had to make a sundae for that person.

Maddie has been BEGGING to get whipped cream. She said her goal was to be able to hold it up to her mouth and spray it in. She even suggested it as a birthday gift to her so that she could do that.
Grandma made that wish come true...

Of course - if one kid has to do it, the other must follow suit...

Three for three delicious meals so far. No pressure for Mike, huh?

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