Wednesday, February 18, 2009

n'ICE Skating

In honor of President's Day on Monday, the kids and I went ice skating at Centennial Lakes. Well...not entirely true. This is actually in honor of their day off on Friday for no reason. It was rescheduled to Monday afternoon because Centennial was closed on Friday due to melted ice and our busy weekend. Hence..."Yahoo...President's Day!"

We haven't been ice skating since last winter so it took a bit for them to get reacclimated to the ice. But, all in all they did fairly well. If you had been anywhere near me you would have heard one of three things:

1. Head up! Eyes forward!
2. Skate...skate...glide
3. Watch your ankles! (They had a terrible tendency to lean them inward as they skated.)

Eventually you would have heard me telling them, "You have to learn to get up on your own just like you had to learn how to fall." That was after I hoisted one kid or the other up after about the 25th time.

And just to show how far they've come and maybe a little of how far we have to's the video. Thanks for the help figuring this out, Tracy!

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