Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

My Mother's Day started at about 12:01am. I had gotten home from a great dinner out with my girlfriends and Mike and I sat talking until he popped up out of his chair and walked over with a gift bag saying, "'s officially Mother's Day!"

This is perhaps one of the longest amounts of time he's ever had a gift and not offered for me to open it early. After almost 13 years of marriage he's finally realized that I've been serious when I've declined his offers to open gifts early because I just feel like that's anti-climatic. He offers because HE'S too excited to wait. So, this year there were no early offers. But, like I said - 12:01 he had the gift bag ready to go.

So I opened it and found THIS inside!!!

An iPod Touch! I've never owned an iPod! I was very excited and he followed it up with, "I figured you would never get one if I didn't buy it for you." Which is totally true. So, then we ended up staying awake until 1am getting it set up with my computer to some degree but not getting too much accomplished. We finally went to sleep knowing we had to be up at 6:45am for church.

The rest of the day was great too. Before church the kids each gave me some stamp sets I'd had my eye on and I even got a chance to try them out today. I got homemade cards and poems. Jake's card read:

"Mom...I love you more than a Wii."

This almost made me tear up because if you have been anywhere near Jake in the last six months you know that his obsession with getting a Wii is equal to, if not exceeding his obsession with Star Wars.

Then I read the next sentence:

"Mom...I love you more than a Wii. But that doesn't mean no Wii."

Always the negotiator.

It was such a nice day. I'm so spoiled - I have a great family and they were so thoughtful all day. Only 364 days until the next one!

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Missy said...

Happy Mother's Day. I'm jealous,not really. I can't wait until I get a digital camera. Then I will be okay.