Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hang Ten

A couple weeks ago my dad took the kids to another Build & Grow at Lowe's. This time they built hang gliders. We were all a little curious as to what this would entail seeing as how we didn't want to encourage anyone jumping off roofs to try flying.

No worries though - these little gliders are about 6 inches long. When they all got home, Maddie and my dad went to work finding string and tying it up to make a route for the glider. Their initial goal was to have it fly over the pool, but there wasn't enough angle to make that happen. Instead it went from the post of the deck to the deep end stair rails.

Awhile later I got to go out and test out the glider. They had also set up a great system by tying extra string to the glider so there wasn't much need to go down the stairs - you just pulled it back up with the second string. Unless you were me. Then you kept accidentally letting the string go and would have to go get the glider which resulted in...

Just kidding. I didn't really fall in. But at this point Maddie was in charge of photos and we were goofing around.

The glider is still hanging off our deck. Today seems just windy enough that it could probably take off on it's own.

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