Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer Start 2009

Monday was our first day in the pool this year. The kids have been fairly patient this year and only asking every few days if we can swim yet after we opened the pool in the middle of April.

We were gone all weekend attending a wedding in Milwaukee. Seriously one of the MOST FUN weddings we have ever been to. Perfect for this couple. Anyway - on the way back, we called my dad to ask him to run over to our house and turn our pool heater on because during the six hour drive back Mike surfed the Internet and realized it was going to be warm enough on Monday for swimming! As long as the water was actually warm. Enter dad.

Monday morning we picked the kids up from my parents house, grocery shopped and ate a lunch of slightly overcooked (read: charred) hot dogs. Then it was into the pool by noon.

Maddie and Jake did not exit the pool until about 5:45pm. Okay - I think they each took a 20 minute break in there to go to the bathroom and reload the suntan lotion. That's it. Other than that they really didn't get out of the water. Mike and I were in and out all afternoon. We tend to be the type to play in there with the kids for about 30 minutes, and then we are done for an hour or two while we sit and relax beside the pool. Plus, it was a bit chilly outside the water. The air was warm, but there was a bit of a breeze. And no sun until about 3:30pm which made the early afternoon that much more chilly.

So, we have unofficially kicked off the start of summer. Only seven days left of school and hopefully we'll be enjoying these types of frolics on a more regular basis...

Editor's Note: The following video will not change your life. In fact, it is about 2 minutes that you will never get back. But, I love that they are having fun, then getting irritated or trying to annoy each other, then having fun again. Ahhhh...siblings.

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