Saturday, May 16, 2009

Yo-Ho...Blow the Man Down

Today the kids and I decided to walk to Office Max, walk over to Target and return something, get an Icee for them (a favorite treat!) and pick up my order at Office Max and walk home. We tried to prepare for the weather because it looked like gale-force winds out.

The kids thought it would be AWESOME if we all walked and listened to our iPods. So we looked like such a close-knit family walking down the sidewalk all jamming to our own tunes.

At one point I stopped because Mike called. I had on his windbreaker in hopes it would be slightly warmer than my regular jacket. And now that I see this picture I can understand why the kids kept laughing at me...

And being her Aunt Tracy's niece Madison did a self-portrait along the way. My sister used to be pretty famous for taking a few of these with friends.

And then we walked back. It was fairly uneventful really - but a good workout at some points!

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