Monday, August 10, 2009

Apple Pie Dandy

Oh wait...I think it's Apple Pandowdy.

Anyhoo...we tried what Bakerella and Tracy have already tried out. We did some variations though. I think it will be my friend, Jonda's, turn to try it next. She seemed interested when we last talked about it...

These were mini pies on a stick. Bakerella used cherry pie filling, which might have gone over okay with Jake, but no one else. Tracy tried Snickers in hers, but thought they were too dry still. So the kids and I decided to try apple pies. We were trying to think of a way to get around the "too dry" taste that both websites mentioned.

We started by peeling. Of course, as I started each kid wanted a part of that. Let me just say how frustrating it is for both parties when a right-handed person is trying to teach a left handed person how to operate in a kitchen.
Next up was the chopping block. Maddie got pretty proficient at this "rock and cut" motion I was showing her. She was pretty proud of herself and even made sure to tell Mike all about her new found talent. (And yes, grandmas - I was right next to them the entire time. Well, you know - except when I was taking their pictures.)
These apples were chopped up very fine. We sprinkled some cinnamon and sugar on them and nuked them to hopefully get the juices flowing. Literally. And soften them up which we didn't assume the oven would do.

The tops were placed after the lollipop sticks were put in the middle and the kids used a fork to pinch the edges. I transferred them to a baking sheet. (See...they do let me help!) The second and third batches got sugar sprinkled on top of the crust. In the final batch we added some actual applesauce. No one has tried those out yet to let me know the outcome.

The results?

The kids didn't say much except that the pies were okay. When I asked if they were too dry, they said they were. I don't know if it was the power of suggestion or them not wanting to hurt my feelings. Mike was our official taste-tester. He said they were "interesting". Not bad, not overwhelmingly amazing though. He said really they needed more sweetness; they "tasted like a healthy apple pie." God forbid.
I won't be eating them. Not an apple fan. Maybe I'll try some gooey chocolate in the next batch we make. But, Jonda...your turn to try your hand at these, I guess!

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