Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Wii" Need to Change the Subject

It is quite impressive actually to be around Jake lately. He manages, I believe, to find some way to bring a "Wii" into at least one conversation EVERY DAY. Every day. No joke. Here's a few of the latest slides...

1. Saturday night at dinner I said, "What's up for the night?" Jake's response? "We could go get a Wii!" (Didn't happen...we got Dairy Queen instead.)

2. A couple weeks ago we watched golf on a Sunday afternoon and discussed the winner's prize of $1 million dollars. Mike said, "Jake, if you keep practicing your golf, then you could win that someday!" Jake literally sat up straighter and I'm pretty sure I actually saw a light bulb hover over his head as he exclaimed (loudly), "If I won that...I COULD BUY A Wii!!!"

3. For Maddie's birthday we sat around discussing what you could buy that was special for a golden birthday. Jake said, "When I have my golden birthday, I'm going to get a golden Wii!" Mike told him that his golden birthday wasn't until he turned 28...and that they might not even make Wii's at that point. Suddenly all laughter stopped coming forth from Jake, he got very serious and said, "No. They will still be making them."

There have been many more instances because, I repeat, this comes into conversation every day. I know we should break down and buy one. I hear they are loads of fun. But, part of me wonders where Jake's creativity would go if he didn't have to find a way every day to get the Wii into at least one conversation.

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Missy said...

I hear ya Our kids keep asking for one because they could get the excersize that they don't get enough of. So i don't know when we are getting one. Keep up the nice trys Jake. Let me know if ya get one.