Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Room Makeover: Grand Finale


Room to be redone:

Inspiration Piece:


Chrissy had suggested some colors to paint the walls. She saw the room with an accent of dark brown on the far wall and surrounded by a lighter brown. She actually had the names of the colors memorized. She really loved decorating.

So, I went and got the paint samples she suggested. I went to Tracy's and showed both girls the colors and it took Chrissy all of about one second to pick out which colors would look best. Tracy agreed with that choice and when I got home, Mike and I agreed they really did look the best. So, that night we painted until midnight and got most of the walls done. This included all the walls of the family room and kitchen. The only wall left was the accent wall.

The next day Tracy and I talked and set up a shopping night for that night. It was her "night off". She, mom, Chrissy and I headed out to dinner and several stores where we bought accessories for the room. This was so fun for me. Everybody had good ideas that got used and I returned home with a trunk full of goodies. In the meantime, Mike (who, emphatically wanted no part of this) had stayed home and finished painting the remaining wall. He's a keeper.

Mom came over Saturday and we figured out curtains. We shopped at Walmart for cheap rods and found some. But, one package said they were $3.50 and the other, exact same package that was ripped apart said $9. Mom's no slouch when it comes to getting a deal so she laid aside the ripped package insert and we tried to reassemble the package. We "accidentally" left the packaging there, found a self-checkout and checked ourselves out using the $3.50 bar code.

And to say "we" worked on the curtains is a lie. I held the fabric so it wasn't so weighted on one side. Mom did all the work. And then reworked it and reworked it again. I love the results. I love the fact that after 7 1/2 years we actually have curtains on the wall.

So, after laying things out per most of Chrissy's directions, here are the results:

I'm loving this room!!! There are still some things to be added. We want to get a couple bookcases for the back wall. There will be a fireplace someday between the bookcases. The pictures on the floor need to be hung, but I'm hoping to find something to put in the middle of them. (Jake suggested a TV between the pictures and Mike was suddenly ready to take part in this process but I nixed the idea.)

I love the round thing under the table - actually I love it even sitting right where it is. However, no one else in the family liked it more than the squares so it will be heading back to the store. I tried to keep it at an impromptu budget meeting. But even batting eyelashes didn't work.

Anyway - all of that will come in time, along with some other accessories; I have to wait until next month's budget meeting. But for now this is a major leap forward and I love it. A big thanks to Chrissy for getting it on the right track and mom and Tracy for helping out too!

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Melissa Moore said...

I love it! Way to go and way to decorator friend. She rocks.
And you all are awesome too.
Plus you do have Mike Murphy.

I'm soooooo glad you redid that room because it really lacked personality and it's a great room! get it. great room!
ha ha